Client Treasury Solutions

Treasury Solutions

Treasury Solutions is a premier provider of risk management, treasury and corporate finance solutions to SMEs and leading brand-names in both the public and privately quoted arenas, UK and Ireland. Offering thought-leadership and training to a variety of constituencies, Treasury Solutions sought to maximise its online pr and communications strategy with the hopes of achieving a strong direct ROI, as well as obtaining additional branding.


"The approach taken by wevolution digital was professional, energetic and thoughtful... Attention to detail is thorough and follow-up service excellent." John Finn | Managing Director

Since September 2009, wevolution's email, web and social media campaign continues to yield outstanding results with a weekly online edition of Market Watch, generating an above-average click-through rate of 33%. Furthermore, the website search engine visibily campaign generates 2,250 unique website visitors monthly, with associated click-throughs on company news, print and audio analyses and conference seminar events.

The proof is in the numbers
Total Market Watch published 150+
Increasing Unique Visitor web traffic 1160%
Direct ROI from click through conversions 57%

Cork Convention Bureau

Cork Convention Bureau (CCB) is responsible for promoting business tourism in the Cork Ireland region, providing practical supports and free-of-charge impartial advice to ensure the smooth running and success of conference events. The brief centred on brand dissemination online via website and social media utilising Expression Engine as the wholly-owned (non-third party) CMS.


"What I am most impressed by is their work ethics and forward thinking. wevolution digital care about our business just as much as we do!" Evelyn O'Sullivan, CEO"

Re-purpose and re-design existing website content and navigation. Design and implement an internet marketing strategy that required in-depth research of competitor destination, incentive and event management engagements � online and offline � and integrate business analyis to take account of client target markets, particularly in the UK. On page and off page search engine visibilty campaign increases web traffic by 50% year-on-year of which 40% is new visitors.

The proof is in the numbers
1400 page views and 41% new visits monthly.

Association of Irish Festivals

Th'interweb morphs by the minute, and it is therefore critical for the 400+ member festivals of Ireland - to maintain and grow skills in managing online marketing channels in email, social media, web and mobile marketing; and web content. Deliver seminar, webinar and conference training programmes to festival and event managers and staff, nationally and internationally.

  1. Web Content
  2. Online/Article PR
  3. Facebook Business Pages

This mix of quantitative and qualitative training from wevolution digital easily resolves AOIFE's brand scaling problems and facilitates peer-to-peer networking and online marketing best practice.


"John�s 'net know-how, his mentoring interaction, follow-up and sheer professionalism, gives our festival and event sector a unique insight into both what is possible and critically achievable..." Colm Croffy | CEO
The proof is in the numbers
Case Study Association of Irish Festival Events, wevolution digital online marketing
Irish festivals and events, delivering network growth and brand scaling.
#1 Google - 'irish festivals', 'irish events'

UpRiver World

UpRiver World is a leading outdoor adventure activities company specialising in freshwater kayaking and eco-tours, summer camps and dry-land and hydro-zorbing - all ages, family and corporate. Internet traffic-driving strategies around search, social media, blogging and content community.


"I like using wevolution because they have made online booking and payments simple and cost effective. Not only does social media work but I can measure the ROI in any given month as a function of how many conversions we generate." Eoin Zaradov | CEO

The determination was to distil and migrate the business model online, to effect a cost-effective, intelligent marketing campaign using advanced analysis and metrics and to acquire, retain and convert new customers.

After achieving an initial ROI during the first season, UpRiver World was able to leverage wevolution digital�s optimisation savvy and social media support team to grow 104% ROI over the first year.

The proof is in the numbers
2009 ROI 104%
2010 ROI 160%
2011 ROI 210%

McAvoy & Associates

McAvoy & Associates is a multi-faceted consulting firm which provides its clients with leading-edge expertise in the fields of taxation and financial planning. They use wevolution digital to stay in front of their traffic and give their customers additional opportunities to avail of their services and expertise utilising email marketing and SEO.

Design website and custom CMS with in-built SEO elements, write the web content narrative, research keyphrases and online competitors, provide benchmark reports and optimise the website for search engines, increasing, in the process, relevant traffic with the objective of growing own-country online sales leads.


"From providing in-house production and distribution mechanisms for a corporate ezine to rebuilding our website in order to attract additional traffic, wevolution digital's performance has been excellent and has greatly exceeded our initial expectations." Laurence Daly | Director Financial Planning

2011 Traffic4700 quarterly

Cork Marketing Partnership is one of the fastest growing online brands for city centre promotion of tourism, business and lifestyle. This gives them a very broad target audience that can be difficult to segment.


"wevolution digital has been an vital addition to our marketing mix. For a product like ours, wevolution has proven to be instrumental in business analytics, tracking and following up with our customers and generating additional online footfall."Liz McAvoy | CEO Cork Marketing Partnership

During November 2010, was able to complement their initial traffic driving efforts by wevolution-devised SEO and SEM strategies. Using forensic search engine optimisation and link-building, email marketing, PPC, social, and comparison shopping engine traffic, was able to reach their benchmark ROI of 15000 unique visitors monthly. Additionally, was able to nearly double their conversion goals, and have more than tripled it in the current year due to continually building their segment pools and through creative, landing page A/B testing.

The proof is in the numbers
November 2010 ROI 5x
February 2010 ROI 9x
June 2011 ROI 17x

Irish Removals

A logistics company focussing on Ireland-UK domestic and commercial packaging and removals.


"We saw many conversions on our end with the revenue associating to this online marketing campaign. wevolution digital re-wrote our website with a focus on search engine optimisation for our target markets."Brian Curtin | CEO

Create and optimise online content for page-specific keywords and phrases, install analytics programme and provide monthly reports. Research online competitor value propositions, aggregate and analyse keyphrase deployment using online advertising, and conduct split-testing to optimise keyphrase execution.


Irish Removals continues to enjoy growing organic search engine traffic with a quarterly growth of 1000+ visits, of which 76% are absolute unique visitors.

The proof is in the numbers
55x more unique visitors
Over a 200% ROI from click-through and view-through conversions
#1 Google for 'house removals', 'piano moving', 'irish uk movers'

Speedy Dosh Ltd.

London-based is a leading online personal loans platform that customers use to borrow short-term cash payments. Using a custom-built conversion funnel, Speedy Dosh focus much of their traffic driving strategies around search, social media (Facebook and Twitter) and online article syndication.


"wevolution digital understood our brief from the get-go, helping us develop a new and evolving digital strategy that has increased our turnover and brand exposure. We have now built a long relationship with them and they have become part of the team." Paul Seaton | CEO

This is all about web content and link building and the dogged pursuit of ROI using the partnered approach of ping tree lead generation and online article syndication.

The proof is in the numbers
November ROI 104%
December ROI 160%
January ROI 248%