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Is Your Web Site a Marketing Hub?

The history of most company websites – 'fess up! – begins with the paper brochure that is declared the coalface interplay that lies in your surgery waiting room, your tax advisory reception, your cash points, your information centre, your, eh, car. My weary mailbox.


That same brochure is handed out at trade shows, seminars and networking events, and stuffed into envelopes for mailing to unsuspecting, and ultimately irritated, prospects.


Your brochure then becomes the starting point for your internet marketing, it is handed to a web designer to transform into more of the same. Well, brochures are static, and you've invested in graphic design and printing costs and agonised over the adverbs and you might as well squeeze as much out of that sponge as possible; it's only a website.


Megaphone versus Hub

Now you have turned your website into a one-to-many broadcast tool – think megaphone. We find that people visit these types of sites once, click around, and never return. Why? Because nothing on these sites – filled with sales-oriented messages – compels me, the Prospect, to stay.


Instead of 'megaphone', think 'hub'.


wevolution digital can change your website from a one-way sales message to a collaborative, living breathing hub for your market place using Facebook Marketing, Online Content and PR, Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing. Dialogue, not monologue.


Brochure versus Website

It's not what you say – it's what others say about you. Your focus should be on what is happening off your website concerning your brand, your industry, and your competitors. The motorways, trains, buses and airplanes to your site are the search engines, links from other sites, and multiple mentions of your company in the social mediasphere. All of this is what turns your website into a magnetic hub for your business that draws propects in.

Content, Conversation, Conversion

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