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Here's the thing with Facebook: 'tis replete with a juvenile excitement, a posey aggression. To put that another way (oh do, oh do), the vast majority of Twitter and Facebook pages just languish in cyberspace, shouting at each other. But, then, so do websites. So does anything where content is assumed to arrive as if by magic, like clean laundry, tailored to your business objectives and target markets.


See, it's what you do with it that counts: the hard graft of generating meaningful, grounded content on a consistent basis - and wevolution digital, well, we think and write and engage and work hard for your interweb footprint.


Follow the Money

Listen up - the 35+ demographic is growing rapidly, now with over 30% of the entire Facebook user base. Plus, 48% of 18-34 year olds check Facebook when they wake up, with 28% doing so before even getting out of bed (anyone in the mattress-with-integrated-wifi business please take note). Your target audience.


Anyways, Facebook - The X Factor: here be the pantheon, the mausoleum of unreturned calls and lakes of 'likes'. The wailing Wall.


...Custom Facebook Pages for Business

Conversation. Community. Conversion.

wevolution digital design and build customised Facebook business pages that incorporate anything you might find on a traditional website and more. From making content visible to only those that are fans of your business page, to hassle-free interaction with clients and customers across the world – Facebook business pages offer a completely new and dynamic approach to marketing at a fraction of the cost of a website.


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