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Get Going on Google

Where to start? Local search marketing is key to leveraging your business online. But, oh my, all that jargon, all those funny words - SEO, PPC. Learn to find the right online strategy, and to figure out what tools to use, where and when. This is more and more important as the real growth for many small local companies is being delivered by increased local search. That’s where we come in. We run Internet Marketing Training Workshops, designed for business owners and delivered to the highest standards.


Ways and Means to Winning Web Words

The right web content, and how to produce and manage web copy, is an essential skillset to advance your online presence. At wevolution digital, we will show you how to generate your own original content, where to source raw content and how to use words to win search engine visibility. Article marketing, email marketing, business blogging, lead generation web pages: wrest control of your online marketing strategy from the invisible monster of content, words and sentences - 'tis time the tail stopped wagging the dog.


SEO and Meta Tags? Search Me.

Look, online marketing does not have the market cornered on jargon - it's just that, like all teenagers, it loves the sound of its own voice. Point is, as a business owner online, you've got to get to grips with some of this stuff, so that when you are dealing with suppliers like your web designer or online marketing experts you can ask for what you want and need and be understood. How much of this stuff can I do in-house? And what do I need to outsource, and at what cost?


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