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Every customer's experience with your company contributes to its success.

A change in emphasis...

We like to let our products and services walk the walk. But what about the buyers? Who's talking to them?

Traditional marketing is one-way interruption: company to consumer. Shouty shouty. Content created by a few to be accessed by the many. Online marketing and pr is about conversation - individuals create, update, discuss, organise and share content; its about delivering content at just the precise moment your audience needs it. Emerging technologies allow consumers to decide what information they consume, where, when and how. It's not about you anymore, it's about me - my media, my way.


...oh, this is the tail and that's the dog

Think about your marketing, for a second:
"Let's see; we should do a few trade shows, buy yellow-pages, maybe create a new logo, get press clips, produce some t-shirts, increase web traffic, and, oh yeah, generate some leads for the salespeople."

So many balls, so few goals.

Think about engagement as well as reach. What matters is leading your site's visitors and your constituent audiences to where they help you reach your real goals, such as building revenue, gaining new members etc. What matters, then, is relevant web traffic.


Content, Conversation, Conversion

Let's forget about the ball, and focus on the goal.

The key is a comprehensive, reviewable, measurable digital marketing strategy that enables your business model, your passion and your personality to acquire, convert and retain your buyers: wevolution digital can build a comprehensive online marketing and PR plan to reach your buyers directly with web content: RSS, syndication, social media, microblog, social bookmarking, blog, podcast, video, forums, social networks.