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Talk to me, not at me

Social media is people having conversations online, conversations powered by RSS, microblogs, social networks, widgets, video and photo sharing, podcasts, blogs...


And Facebook marketing, Facebook fan and business and landing pages, lead generation via the 'Like' generation. Because getting your face in the book is the 'Hello' of d'interweb.


But what happens after I've said hello? What do I do or say next? How do I, should I, engage?


Social media, scary monster.


In the old days (let us pause in hushed reverence for those simpler times, when two cans and a piece of string really did mean something...), your buyer was a passive consumer. Now an active participant, your buyer has changed the rules of engagement, in the way we communicate - which means it's transparent, inclusive, authentic, vibrant, consumer-driven. And it's not controlled, organised, exclusive, product-driven, 'on message'. Dialogue, not monologue.


And we don't care about your ad. We care about what our friends think.

Managing your online reputation

Promoting your brand across social media can be a difficult task. At wevolution digital, we develop social media marketing solutions that effectively reach and communicate with your online demographics. Using popular social networking portals (including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn), we generate exposure for your brand and improve audience engagement and interaction.


Repeat after me: the goal is not to control the conversation. Our social media services create opportunities for people to feel ownership of your brand, to help you to listen and to participate, in the process informing effective communication strategies that reduce brand risks and maximise outreach opportunities.


Contact us today, and take advantage of the best type of marketing possible - customer word-of-mouth.